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The most efficient way to manage your research achievement.
· Automatically extract all your citations from all sources.
· See advanced analysis for each paper with one click.
· Discover new data and stats about your papers that you’ve never seen before.
· Unravel new citation analysis and relationships.
· Show Journal Impact Factor, JCR Category Rank, and other metrics for each paper at once.
Free high-performing academic search engine backed by Pluto's original algorithm optimized for academic research.
· Achieved more active users above MS and Naver academic search in 3 months after launching Scinapse.
· Operate an academic database containing over 180 million articles and over 2200 million authors.
· Classification of academic data without Unique identifiers and integration & optimization of academic data from various data sources.
journal publishing platform for academic societies.
· Easily build an website to provide easy access and indexing of your journal.
· From membership, call to paper, conferences, to publishing, manage them under one powerful dashboard.
· Issue ISSN, DOI (including registration on agencies like CrossRef).
· Provide clear & accurate data on access usage by country, time, institution for each journal.