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A Rise in Scientific Publications but A Decline in Groundbreaking Discoveries
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We solve the challenge of overwhelming amounts of research papers, difficulties in finding gaps and generating innovative ideas, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments by providing valuable insights through aggregating and analyzing academic papers, instead of a mere search and listing service.
Scientists have observed a deceleration in scientific progress
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Pluto Technology
Our tool extracts valuable information such as related topics, companies, and patent data from each paper. Through our database, we provide a more comprehensive research experience.
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Stay informed on the latest developments
Our technology makes it easy for you to understand current research issues and the development status of each technology.
Discover new experts
We help you find leading researchers in your field by identifying their research interests, influential power, and professional networks.
Understand funding patterns
Our tool tracks the flow of funds for each research topic, giving you insights into where funding is going and why.
Compare research capabilities
We provide a comprehensive platform for comparing research capabilities across countries, institutions, and individual researchers.
Measure research impact
Our technology allows you to measure the impact of research outputs and individual researchers, giving you a clear understanding of their influence within the field.
Stay ahead of the curve
We use advanced algorithms to sense rising research topics and up-and-coming scientists, keeping you ahead of the curve.
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  • Seoul National University
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  • Seoul National University
  • ICHMET2020
  • Korea University
  • Posco
  • Nature Conference
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