Research Performance Analytics and Insights
Consultancy Service for Research Performance of individuals, labs, departments, and/or institutions

Pluto's solutions provide the most accurate, meaningful, and unique research performance analysis and insights.

  • Research achievement analysis
  • Comparison of research results with other institution’s
  • University ranking trend and expected ranking based on research papers published each year by the institution
  • Analysis of research impact and scope within and outside a given research field
  • Forecasting specific research areas that will have greater influence within the field in the near future
  • Recommend and recruit researchers for your institution
  • Analysis and recommendations based on journal influence and trends

Pluto ensures data without duplicates or errors by partnering with leading AI systems and data scientists.

Also get qualitative analysis and insights through inspection and consulting by professors, doctors, and corporate/industrial experts.

Experience the most up-to-date, accurate data and analysis.

Why Pluto performance benchmark?

Instead of providing a generalized, unhelpful analysis of an individual’s research, we intelligently collect and analyze data that are truly meaningful to assessing research papers and its authors. In addition to amassing accurate information on each paper, we are also able to provide data analysis based on specific period of time.
Based on the latest data
All of our analyses are conducted with the most recent data available and are updated every other week. Many other services provide analyses and data that are often based on records that were rated two or three years ago.
Based on faculty member
Pluto's institutional benchmarks are primarily based on faculty members, allowing for more sophisticated benchmarks.
Based on paper, not journal
Pluto does not conduct analysis based on journals. Instead—to provide a more thorough analysis for each individual’s research—we run our metadata analysis based on each publication. This in turn provides more sophisticated analysis and comparisons by paper and author.
Based on authorship
Pluto provides analysis based only on the author's main publications(papers written as first author or the corresponding author). While other services only provide a general rating of the individual’s research by lumping all publications they contributed together, Pluto allows a more accurate and comparative evaluation of the individual’s research by analyzing every paper by the level of their contribution.

Main solutions

Research Performance Analysis Report
Pluto's forefront data-processing technology provides the best research paper results and impact analysis reports.
Discover specific research topics that have grown rapidly
Easily find detailed research topics that are rapidly expanding in a given field so they can be used as a reference for selecting topics for recruitment and follow-up research by an institution.
Benchmark research performance with other institutions
We provide individual faculty member-level or specific group-level benchmarks of research based on latest data. You can also view leading universities, research institutions, and international benchmarks for your field of research.
Trend analysis and prediction of university rankings
Discover what trends and factors had an impact on the changes in university rankings. Receive recommendations for research areas with growth potential.
Analysis of impact and scope within and outside a given research field
Provide summative analysis of the latest trends and influences of a specific research field through analysis through sources and influences both within and outside the given field.
Predicting areas of research that will have greater influence in the future
With Pluto's own sophisticated prediction system created in collaboration with AI, data scientists, and expert researchers, we make highly intelligent recommendations on research fields that are expected to have greater influence in the future.
Recruit and get recommendations for research faculty
Based on leading edge data analysis on individual researchers, we can accurately recommend talent who suit your research field in the institution or carry out the next level of research in the specified field.
Analysis and recommendations of Journal Influence and Trends
Pluto's forefront data-processing technology provides the best research paper results and impact analysis reports.
Stay updated with the latest data
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Research analysis tools specialized for each institution.
  • Regularly updated research analysis report
  • Sync the latest data
  • Export filtered data
  • Get notifications for data changes (university ranking, incoming citations, research recommendations, etc.)
Major customers
Seoul Univ. School of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Seoul Univ. School of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Korea Univ. Biochar Research Center
Korea Univ. Biochar Research Center
APRU Sustainable Waste Management
POSCO Liaison Center
Nature Conferences
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