The most efficient way to manage your research achievements.

Xenure is a personal tool to manage your research publications and achievements throughout your career.

Why should I use Xenure?
Xenure offers unique, accurate, abundant, personalized data and features for your research journey.
No need to waste your time and effort on organizing your research achievements anymore.
Save your time and get insights with Xenure.
Easy Import
Automatically extract crucial information from any list of publications from any type and source.
Dynamic Export
Export any type of publication list to suit your needs.
Researcher Network
Based on an extensive analysis your citations and authors you cited and worked with, we provide insights to potential researchers you can work with in the future.
Researcher Publication List
See which journals and papers cited you or other researchers who are related to you.
Pluto's unique and sophisticated data collection engine and analysis make it possible to manage everything regarding your research without duplicates or omitted papers.
Where is it cited?
See who and which journal cited your papers most recently.
Which papers cite this paper?
Find which papers cited your paper recently.
Citation trends
See your personal citation trends and insights. Discover how citation trends are changing over time, by authorship (1st author, corresponding author, co-author), and many other filters.
Most cited paper list
Check out most cited paper list and each citation count.
Impact Factor Graph
See your personal Impact Factor Trends and insights.
Comparison with authorship
Discover how Impact Factor Trends are changing over time, by authorship. (1st author, corresponding author, co-author)
Comparative analysis of influence within a journal volume or conference
Compare the influence and scope of a specific paper among other papers published in the same journal or volume.
Also explore citation trends of other papers published at a specific academic conference or event.
Journal Influence Indicators
Journal rank in the JCR category as well as other research influence indicators are CONSTANTLY UPDATED.
Personal Recommendations
Xenure also recommends new papers highly relevant with your research every week through Pluto's unique AI + data analysis algorithm.
Xenure additionally provides indicators for researchers to gain insights, including researcher's citation trend, their performance within the field, and their performance within a specified journal.
More features and data will continuously be updated...
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