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Manage scattered research achievements in one place
Based on AI technology, Xenure automatically collects and manages your research achievements scattered across various sources.
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AI-driven Research Performance Analysis
Xenure offers extremely accurate research analysis with no data error in duplication, homonym person by using AI, statistical techniques, and scientific processes.
Publication Management
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Pluto manages your publication list with its unique database and algorithm.
Pluto makes the index data such as Impact Factor, H-index, and other indexes and updates them automatically.
Publication Analysis
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Pluto's unique algorithm lets you know how good your paper is compared to other papers in the same journal volume.
You can also check all popular indexes including Impact Factor, JCR Journal Rank and so on.
Citation Management
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Xenure offers the visualized data that who and what parties(journal, affiliation, researcher, etc) cited your publication most.
Researcher Recommendation
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Depending on the researcher's citation relationship, you can see the researchers who mainly interact with you.
Publication Recommendation
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Xenure recommends the latest papers that are closely related to the research by analyzing your citation relationship.
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