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High-performing academic search engine backed by Pluto's original algorithm optimized for academic research.
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The Intuitive interface provides everything you need to know about a paper in one look
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Optimized for research
Scinapse's algorithm offers the best search results for academic papers based on the published date, citations, publisher, and many more
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Scinapse offers recently published papers first.
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Scinapse Provides papers with a higher average citation count first.
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Scinapse brings out highly impacted papers in notable journals.
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Customized Filters
Simply narrow down your search results by author, publication year, field of study, journal, and conference.
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Easily manage papers that you are interested in. You can share it with other researchers, export it as a citation list, or just keep it as a reading list.
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Paper Recommendations
We recommend and forward papers via email & Scinapse that may behighly relevant to your research.
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